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Linda Wood is a researcher. She studies every angle, pursues each detail and makes a decision based on lists of benefits. That’s a valuable asset in a realtor. Combined with a lifelong passion for interior design and landscaping, she is equipped to help her clients find just the right property.

Linda first visited McCall in 1972 and yearned to return full time. That dream came true 15 years later. Linda and her husband, Michael, opened Old World Janitorial in McCall. A premier floor maintenance and window cleaning service for commercial and residential properties, their business boomed. Linda also performed product demonstrations at local grocery stores and worked at Brundage Mountain.

Always customer service oriented, Linda acted on the recommendations of friends and family and became a realtor. The flexible work hours balance with her other loves: two small daughters and volunteer work. Linda gives tirelessly and seemingly effortlessly.

She and her children visit the elderly, helping them to feel more connected to the community and escorting them to appointments. Along the way, Linda is teaching her children to embrace a generous spirit.

Volunteer work has taken her to the far reaches of the world to reconstruct homes that have been destroyed by disaster. Knowing how to erect homes as a volunteer gives Linda insight into how homes are constructed. Her clients benefit from that experience.

With pencil in hand and a powerful moral compass, Linda is ready to put her analytical mind to work for her clients.

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