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I have traveled and explored many areas and communities throughout the Western United States and I’ve never been to an area with so much to offer as the mountains of Valley County. The balance of our four seasons, the abundance of clean air and water, the diverse wildlife, the beautiful setting, the vast backcountry and all the recreational opportunities make the West Central Mountains one of a kind. I was raised in Santa Barbara but our entire family visited Idaho frequently, focusing much of our time in the McCall region where my father worked as a Smokejumper during the 70’s.  I am happy to now call Valley County home, after purchasing my first house near Tamarack resort.

Growing up in Santa Barbara I worked for several catering companies, restaurants, the city of S.B. and two years working at U-haul as an assistant manager.  In 2008 I found a job that I really enjoyed when I joined the team at D.R. Radon Boat Building.  I was privileged to learn the ins and outs of the custom boat building trade alongside my brother Jeremy and the Radon family.

In 2010 I made plans to move up to the McCall area with a desire to leave the stress and cost of living in Santa Barbara.  I loved the ocean and the sunshine, but I felt drawn to the mountains and needed to experience a new environment. After moving to Donnelly in 2011, I founded OutWest Property Services to serve the owners of vacation rentals and second homes in the area by improving them or maintaining and caring for them. In early 2014 I decided to further enhance my versatility by completing the coursework at the Idaho Real Estate School in Boise and obtaining a real estate license. During the summer of 2014 I also accepted a position working for the forest service on the Payette Nat. Forest during the wild-land fire season.

I am looking to combine my love for the outdoors by continuing to work seasonally as a wild-land firefighter, and I am entering into a new chapter as a second-generation real estate professional. I am very excited to have an opportunity to join the Sadie Noah Real Estate Group at McCall Real Estate Company and work alongside some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the industry.  I look forward to helping you find the property of your dreams.

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