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Clyde Dillon has been associated with sales and clients his whole life. As a young boy, his mother helped him start his first sales business, selling cookies door to door. He quickly discovered that all people want a good product at a good value but more importantly, they buy from people who care about them and their needs.

After returning from military service in 1969, he married his childhood sweetheart and moved to Northern Arizona to begin a new career in retail sales, in the ski industry. He and a partner established a specialty alpine ski and mountain climbing shop that he operated for 12 years.

In 1981, a new opportunity presented itself. The telephone monopolies were about to be dissolved which would allow customers to own their business telephones. Clyde entered this newly created frontier and established himself as a top national sales producer for a national telecom manufacture. Over the next 18 years, he became Director of Sales and led a sales team to national prominence in the industry.

In 2001, Clyde and his wife Marty moved to McCall to “slow things down” and enjoy their later years in the mountains. Having purchased property here many years before, they were ready to build a “retreat” for their children and grandchildren. They purchased a few income properties and built a couple of homes to sell. It only seemed natural to be licensed in real estate especially in such a beautiful place.

Now Clyde continues to enjoy the same things that started his sales career. Provide a good product at a good value and take care of your clients.

Clyde and Marty have 4 married children and 17 grandchildren.

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