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30 years of custom home building experience

I was born into a long line of builders. After college and a stint in the Air Force, I landed in Sun Valley, Idaho doing what else? Building and remodeling homes. 30 years, and countless homes and remodels later, I hung up my carpenter’s belt to take on a new facet of the business…real estate.


I love living in a small town, especially a small town like McCall, Idaho. You can’t remain anonymous in a place like this. Inevitably, I am going to run into you at the grocery store or at the local coffee shop, so I want to make sure every family I work with is 100% satisfied with their home or property purchase—and thoroughly apprised.

An honest appraisal of properties.

My background in building has helped me bring a unique perspective to the home-buying experience. While I start with the budget, neighborhood, square footage and home style when looking for the perfect new home for my clients, I also consider these critical elements of design and construction:

  • Soffit vents, raised heel trusses, baffles, and insulation/ventilation to prevent ice dams
  • Waterproofing on the foundation wall
  • Slope and grading AWAY from the structure
  • Southern or Western exposure in the great room
  • Position of home to provide shade for summer afternoons
  • Garage placement on the North or East side of the home
  • A roof that will not shed snow and water in front of the garage or entry doors
  • Conditioned crawl space
  • Adequate room for snow storage
  • Careful and rigorous due diligence can hopefully preclude “surprising” costs down the road.


A unique knowledge set for the McCall area.

Our beautiful mountain scenery is a big part of why so many people are discovering McCall, but this high-mountain climate brings its own set of challenges to home construction. While the gingerbread cabins in the woods, the iconic downtown condos, and the stunning log cabins that surround the lake are beautiful on the outside, I want to make sure they are built to withstand an Idaho winter. Roofs rated for a high snow load, insulation and ventilation to prevent ice dams, landscape and grading to help with the spring run-off…I like to look past the eye candy.

I LIKE TO SEE THE WHOLE HOUSE. And make sure you do, too.

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