Hunt for The Heart!

McCall Real Estate Company June 29, 2022

McCall Real Estate is a Sponsor for Payette Land Trust's
Hunt for the Heart!
Get Ready … Get Set… Go! The inaugural Conserving the Heart of Idaho “Hunt for the Heart” is now underway! The 4 foot fiberglass heart painted by local artist, Colleen Hanley-Prior will be moving around the McCall area this summer.
The four “chambers” of the heart have been painted in the theme of conservation, showcasing West Central Idaho’s natural beauty.
STEP 1: GET YOUR HEART PASSPORT. You can download the passport from the link below or stop by McCall Real Estate for a printed copy.
STEP 2: HUNT FOR THE HEART. The heart is on the move around the McCall area and may be at any one of the many locations listed on the passport, or on a surprise location not listed!
STEP 3: STAMP YOUR PASSPORT. Once you find the heart place a stamp (found at the heart location) in the square corresponding to the heart’s location. Stamp as many squares as you can!
STEP 4: WIN A PRIZE. Submit your stamped passport (be sure to fill in your contact info) and be enterred to win Payette Land Trust swag!