Buying a McCall Home From Friends or Family

McCall Real Estate Company October 31, 2017


Buying a McCall home from someone you know, like a friend or family member, seems like it should be a great deal, right? After all, you already have a relationship with the seller, and you’ll probably get a better price and complete the process more quickly. While buying from friends or family can work out well for everyone, there are some things you should know and prepare for before you jump in.

Make agreements in writing

While it can be tempting to cut some corners when buying from someone you know, you should make sure to get all agreements in writing. This helps to ensure that everyone knows exactly what is being agreed to. It also leaves a paper trail should any problems arise down the line.  An adviser in McCall can give you information on standard forms used in real estate transactions that you can use as a guide.

Be honest about the relationship

When you are securing financing for the home, you need to be honest with the lender about your relationship to the seller. There may be added restrictions when buying from friends or family, and not disclosing the relationship could cause problems. In fact, it could constitute mortgage fraud. That could result in the delay of closing, denying of the loan or the lender calling the loan after closing, making the full balance due. You could even get a call from the district attorney if the lender loses money. The bottom line is – be transparent.

Don’t skip the inspection

If you’re buying from someone you know, chances are you’ve been in the house a number of times. You may even be a tenant purchasing a home from your landlord. Even if you think you know the house inside and out, you should not skip the home inspection. Hire a licensed professional who will let you know about any possible issues so that they can be addressed in the deal.

Have the McCall home appraised

Likewise, you should also make sure to have the home appraised so that you know the estimated value. There are many real estate appraisers in Valley County that a familiar with the area market. If you’re financing, the lender will likely require an appraisal.

Agree on a fair price

While it’s normal to want a good deal on your home purchase, the seller should not give you any excessive discounts. While a small break isn’t a big deal, the IRS will be watching to make sure the home is priced at a fair market value. If not, and you sell shortly thereafter, you could end up paying capital gains taxes.

Hire a professional

It’s wise to get some legal advice during this process, so you may want to consider hiring a real estate attorney. They can help you complete all the necessary paperwork so you aren’t accused of mortgage fraud at a later date. You should also hire a title company to transfer the home from seller to buyer. And while you may feel it’s not necessary to hire a real estate agent, it could be helpful to hire one as a consultant. Many agents will work as a consultant for a flat rate to advise you on the process and make sure you’re doing everything necessary to properly finalize the deal.  Our agents will discuss all the aspects for buying or selling a home for free and you will only pay a consulting fee if they help you through the process.  It never hurts to talk to someone that understands real estate before entering into an agreement.

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