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McCall Real Estate Company February 19, 2018


With as little snow as we have seen, it's important to think about protecting your home from fire in McCall, Idaho. Did you know that fires destroy nearly half a million structures in America each year, and causes more than $7 billion in property damage? There’s almost nothing as terrifying as waking up to a house full of smoke, with little time to evacuate. That’s why it is extremely important to ensure that your home is protected. Follow these tips to keep your home and your family safe from fire:

Install smoke alarms

It should go without saying, but make sure your home is equipped with working smoke alarms. They should be installed on every floor and tested twice each year. A good tip to remember is to check them at the same time you set your clocks for daylight savings.  This is without a doubt one of the best precautions to take for protecting your home from fire in McCall.

Invest in fire extinguishers

When you move into a new home, be sure to put fire extinguishers on your list of essentials. You never know when a fire will break out that gets out of control quickly. Ideally, you should have a fire extinguisher on every floor. But if you only have one, it should be stored in the kitchen, where half of all home fires occur.

Clean your fireplace

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, as many of us do in McCall, it needs to be cleaned regularly when in use. Every time you burn logs in your fireplace, it creates a residue that clings to the inside of your chimney called Creosote. If this residue is allowed to build up, it can quickly become a fire hazard. Schedule annual or bi-annual appointments for a professional to inspect and clean your chimney thoroughly.

Keep the lint trap clean

Another source of home fires is the laundry room. The main cause of fires in a laundry room is the lint trap. If the traps aren’t cleaned regularly, the lint that has built up can catch fire. Don’t run the dryer when you aren’t home. Also be sure that the exhaust vent is properly connected, functioning and clear of lint and flammable debris.

Stay in the kitchen

Although they say a watched pot never boils, it isn’t wise to step away from the kitchen while anything is cooking. As stated above, kitchen accidents are the top cause of home fires, which are usually started when cooking. Move any flammable items like towels and potholders away from open flames.

Be cautious of space heaters

Space heaters can come in handy during cold months, especially if you have a room that just doesn’t want to stay warm. But be especially cautious during their use. It is estimated that space heaters cause one third of all heating fires. Although that vintage heater may match your décor, it’s wise to invest in newer models that have better safety features. Also be sure to keep space heaters away from flammable materials, pets and children.

Always be aware of candles

We can’t argue that candles create a wonderful, warm ambiance. But they can also be a fire hazard if left unattended. Always extinguish candles when leaving a room. Don’t place candles near flammable materials, and make sure they aren’t accessible to pets or children. The best option is to buy electrical candles that provide the same cozy light without the risk.

Wildfire in McCall

Whether you are a long time resident of McCall, new to the area, or are researching the area for your next potential move, it is important to be fire wise.  The community in McCall provides valuable information for home owners including landscaping tips when investing in property.  It is important for home owners to keep branches trimmed away from the structure and to create a "safe zone" around the home.  It is also important to have a pre-evacuation plan in place in the event of a wildfire that may threaten your home.  If you find yourself faced with the threat of wildfire and evacuation, remember the 4 P's: People, Pets, Papers, Photos.  For more information concerning wildfire safety and status, visit the Payette National Forest web page provided by the Forest Service.

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