Should You Buy a Second Home in McCall Idaho?

McCall Real Estate Company July 6, 2017

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Having a second home in McCall, Idaho can be a great investment or an expensive luxury. A mountain retreat is enticing while both interest rates and home prices are low. How do you decide if it's right for you? Make it your retirement home in McCall Idaho If your second home is in the area where you plan to retire, buying it now, before you stop working and your income is higher might be beneficial. Beware, however, of tying up your cash or extending indebtedness beyond your retirement date. Also, avoid using funds from your 401K or other retirement accounts to purchase a second home. Create a family getaway home in McCall Idaho
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If several family members will use the property, consider buying the property together. This concept is not without pitfalls, so make sure all family members understand how and when the property is available for use. Be sure to designate how interest in the property transfers to heirs or create a Cottage Limited Liability Plan (LLC) that governs both the use and transfer of the property. This is similar to a corporation, where members own "interest" in the property rather than the property itself. Your home in McCall Idaho can become income property
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You might be considering buying income property. Remember that the IRS considers income property a business that has tax ramifications. Be sure to check with your financial advisor or retirement planner before investing in property that you plan to lease or rent. Rental property ownership requires ongoing expenses, including taxes, maintenance, mortgage payments (especially if the property sits empty), repairs between renters, insurance, and other costs. Income property ownership may provide ongoing income and be a great investment, but consider all the expenses before jumping in. We can help you find properties with positive cash flow, so be sure to let us know that you are looking for investment property. If you need a property management service for your new investment, we can direct you to the resources you need. Other considerations for your Home in McCall Idaho Before investing in a second home and especially before financing a second home, review the potential for your situation to change. Is your job secure or could you be moved across the country? Does your family live near you, or near enough to the property for those family gatherings you envision? Do you have extra income to cover those empty months? Is the home in an area prone to natural disasters? Is it an area useful only during certain times of the year? If your second home is a condominium or a part of an association, can you cover the ongoing dues, assessments, or fees? Does the association require owner occupation? We can help you determine the best investment or vacation home in McCall Idaho for your situation, so call us at 208-634-2100 and we'll get you started in the right direction. Compliments of  McCall Real Estate Company

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