Solar Eclipse in Valley County

McCall Real Estate Company August 17, 2017

AUGUST 21ST IS A BIG DEAL! A total solar eclipse in Valley County will occur when a new moon comes between the Sun and Earth and casts a shadow across the Earth. The darkest part of the eclipse, the totality, is almost as dark as night and the Valley County will have some of the best, most breathtaking views from anywhere in the country. Make plans to be a part of this amazing experience in August, as there won’t be another one in Idaho for 152 years!  And make sure you are ready and set because this 2 minute phenomenon will go quickly.  How quickly?    The solar eclipse will begin in Weiser to our west at 10:10:17 and will begin in Stanley to our east at 10:23:23.  It will be over in Weiser at 12:48:34 and at 12:58:04 in Stanley.
Times are UT Times, start of partial eclipse is 10:11:13


Now is the time to start planning where you would like to view the solar eclipse in Valley County.  There are several things to consider when you are making that decision.
  1. Do you want to be at the center of activity, the center of the line of travel of the eclipse?  If so then you should plan to be in or around the area of Smith's Ferry.
  2. Do you want to be on water?  There are several choices here of places to go but they will not be exactly in the center of the eclipse.  Horsethief Reservoir is going to be close to the center.
  3. How about on a mountain top?  This is another great place to view the eclipse because you will be able to see the shadow travel across a large viewing area from a high advantage.  Snowbank Mountain south and west of Cascade may be a good choice.  You can drive to the top and enjoy views of both Long Valley to the east and Weiser Valley to the west.
  4. For something more unusual, how about a hot  springs?  Gold Fork Hot Springs will be in the viewing area, although not in the center of the eclipse.
There are many other choices of places to watch the eclipse.  One of the other factors to keep in mind are accessibility that day.  Idaho has been chosen as one of the better  places to view the  total solar eclipse because the weather is often clear this time of year.  Visitors to our area could exceed our average 4th of July or Christmas crowds.  This could lead to more traffic on Highway 55, which is a 2 lane mountain road that snakes through  the canyons of the Payette River.  This event may mean heavy traffic and much slower travel time, so plan accordingly. The best bet will always be to camp out the night before and avoid traveling altogether. Click HERE for more information on the solar eclipse in Valley County.    


Pick up your poster at the McCall Chamber of Commerce
Brundage Mountain Edge of Totality - Eclipse Viewing Party, Monday 8/21 This $20 package includes a scenic chairlift ride, eclipse viewing glasses, a commemorative poster, free tent camping on Easy Street the night of Sunday, August 20 and priority loading on the Blue Bird Quad. Schedule of Events: BlueBird Quad Chairlift runs from 8:30 am - 2:00 pm Ticket office/Fall Line Shop opens 8:00 am - 2:00 pm Lunch and After Party in Smoky's Bar & Grill.  After lunch, all party goers are invited to an afternoon of Space Trivia.  Get your teams together to test your knowledge of the universe with a robust game of trivia hosted by Michael Hayes of McCall Trivia. Purchase your tickets online! McCall Lake Cruises, Monday 8/21 Join McCall Lake Cruises for some of the best views of the historic eclipse that McCall has to offer. The IDAHO will be departing on a 2 hour cruise at 10:30 am on Monday, August 21st, in order to view the eclipse from Payette Lake. Make your reservation now, before all the seats are gone! Call 208-634-LAKE (5253) or visit for more information or to make a reservation. Gold Fork Hot Springs Totality Soak  Experience the complete Solar Eclipse in the Path of Totality at Gold Fork Hot Springs. Join this private viewing party while soaking in the healing waters of Gold Fork Hot Springs. They will be opening early for this special event at 9:30 am. Cost is $25/person and includes viewing glasses! Space is limited so please reserve early by phone (208) 630-4469. Contact the  McCall Chamber of Commerce for more details on what  will be happening in and around McCall and Valley County.



Donnelly Start of Partial Eclipse: 10:11:35 am Start of Total Eclipse: 11:27:27 am Maximum Eclipse: 11:27:52 am End of Total Eclipse: 11:28:17 am End of Partial Eclipse: 12:50:04 pm Cascade Start of Partial Eclipse: 10:11:27 am Start of Total Eclipse: 11:26:53 am Maximum Eclipse: 11:27:50 am End of Total Eclipse: 11:28:47 am End of Partial Eclipse: 12:50:11 pm Smiths Ferry Start of Partial Eclipse: 10:11:14 am Start of Total Eclipse: 11:26:37 am Maximum Eclipse: 11:27:43 am End of Total Eclipse: 11:28:48 am End of Partial Eclipse: 12:50:12 pm  


It is August in Idaho so plan for hot and dry conditions.  Have plenty of water and sunscreen handy.  Know where you plan to be and make arrangement to get to your planned destination well ahead of schedule.


There are many organizations and outlets for solar eclipse glasses.  Many of the libraries around the country have them available.  These will be another fun keepsake of your visit to Valley County for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. If you have any other questions about Valley County and the area around McCall, Idaho you can contact any of our agents and they will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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