Why Fall in McCall is the Best Time to Sell Your Home

McCall Real Estate Company September 8, 2017

Think the Selling Season in McCall is over after Labor Day? Data proves Fall in McCall is the best time to sell.
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Whether a vacation homeowner is trading a house in the woods for a different property or exiting second-home ownership altogether, they need to know that putting a vacation property on the market requires a different strategy than selling a primary residence. The selling season for vacation real estate is very different then the primary home market.  The average length of time to buy a primary home is just under 90 days, while buyers for vacation homes average 8 months. Most home buyers in McCall start searching in late spring and early winter; if takes 8 months, on average, you can see the fall is a great time to sell your home. Here are the 3 trends we have seen in the past that make listing now your best option to sell:  
  1. Less inventory in the fall.  Current listings from this past summer will expire the end of September because many homeowners think that after the end of the summer, the sales activity drops. In fact, it is when Buyers make decisions.
  2. Mountain Towns have more buyers making decisions in the fall. According to Trulia, there are several areas of the country where activity picks up in the fall, and autumn is the busy season. Trulia reports these regions are typically near ski resorts in mountain and forest areas. Also, Money Magazine reports the same information. These regions are typically near ski resorts in mountain and forest areas, the example Money Magazine gives are towns like McCall – close to a family resort.  Lincoln County, New Mexico is close to Ski Apache Resort and has a 16% increase in searches on line.  Ellsworth, Maine, like McCall, is known for the fun winter carnival has an increase of 13% in the fall.
  3. Buyers for vacation homes make decisions as seasons change. Summer buyers look and look and if they did not find the right property the search increases as seasons change.  We see this with our search inquiries on our website and the company website, with a 12% increase in searches in the spring and 14% increase in the fall.
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