Holiday Decorating for Home Sellers

McCall Real Estate Company December 11, 2019

Holiday Decorating for Home SellersDecorating your home for the holidays is one of life’s big pleasures. But if you’re selling your home this time of year, then you may want to rethink your usual décor. While it isn’t necessary to banish all your decorations to storage this year, you probably shouldn’t deck those halls like you usually do. Here’s what you need to know to strike just the right balance.

Choose decorations that are right for your home

In order to create the right atmosphere for potential buyers, you should choose holiday decorations that match the style of your home. If you’re got a classic colonial, then choose more traditional decorations. Those with more modern homes can work with décor that is more modern and minimalist. The bottom line is – the style of the decorations should not compete with the style of your home.

Consider the neighborhood vibe

If you live on Candy Cane Lane and all your neighbors go all-out for the holiday, then it would look strange if you didn’t decorate. Consider the neighborhood vibe when you decide how to decorate the outside of your home. Those that live in festive neighborhoods can afford a few more decorations outside. But if most of your neighbors opt not to dress the house with lights and inflatable snowmen, then you shouldn’t, either.

Opt for general decorations

There are many different kinds of ways to celebrate during the holiday season. You don’t want to alienate any potential buyers by choosing decorations that are very specific. Instead, opt for decorations that create a seasonal vibe. Good choices include simple evergreen boughs, white twinkle lights, bowls of pinecones, and lightly scented candles.

Don’t eat up space

We know how incredible it is to have a huge tree that fills up your living room over the holidays. But those giant trees can make your room look small – which you definitely don’t want. Instead, choose a tree that takes up less floor space. And go easy on the ornaments. This is not the year to pack the tree with all the ornaments the kids made over the years. Instead, choose tasteful ornaments that coordinate with each other for a cohesive and elegant look.

Don’t display the gifts

While we agree that a tree packed with presents underneath can look amazing, you shouldn’t display your presents when you’re selling your home. After all, strangers will be walking through your house while you aren’t there. This year, keep those gifts in storage, or lock them in the trunk of your car when you have a showing.

Make it cozy and inviting

One of the things that make the holidays so special is that warm and cozy vibe. Aim to create that kind of atmosphere inside your home. If you have a fireplace, build a fire before a showing and have hot chocolate ready for buyers. Put a pot of simmering potpourri on the stove and fill the air with the scents of the season. Place some battery-operated candles in your windows, which will look very inviting when buyers pull up to your home. 

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