Share the Road with Snow Plow Drivers

McCall Real Estate Company December 11, 2019

This time of year typically means snow in the city! The City of McCall Public Works Team is small but mighty and works hard to provide you with safe passage, plowing more than 50 miles in our community. Here are a few ways you can help keep yourself and the men and women behind the plows safe this winter season.

  • SLOW DOWN: Slow down as soon as you see the plow and stay FIVE car lengths back. Staying back will give you more time to react if the plow needs to stop quickly.
  • DON'T GET TOO CLOSE: Snow plows are sometimes spreading de-icing materials from the back of the truck. Salt or sand could damage your vehicle.
  • ROOM TO WORK: The driver's field of vision is restricted. They may not always see you. Be patient, they are working to help you. If you're not in a hurry don't pass and enjoy the safer road behind them. Pay close attention to areas like hills, curves, ramps, bridges and interchanges.
  • PASSING: Don't drive too close. The front plow may cross the road's center-line and shoulders. Snow plows can also create clouds of snow that can reduce or eliminate your visibility.


Learn more about snow removal operations by calling Public Works at 208.634.5580


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